My first controversial post

I’ve been blogging for less than a week and I’m already going to make a post that may be controversial but is most definitely very opinionated. I don’t want to seem critical or make anyone feel bad, so I say this with all the love I can feel in my heart for a bunch of random strangers/friends/potential friends on the internet…

A bullet journal is not about the stuff.

It’s not about getting more stuff.  😉

It’s not about the notebook, it’s not about the pens, it’s not about the washi, it’s not about cute stickers, it’s not about having a cute binder or case to put all of the above in, and, lest you think I’m pointing a finger at everyone else but myself, it’s not about the doodles or making your bullet journal “cute.”

(Deep exhale)

I belong to a few bullet journaling Facebook groups and in one, lately, the majority of the posts have been of all the stuff people have bought or wish they could buy, as if it’s not a real bullet journal unless you have 500 rolls of washi tape, 50 different pens, and a beautiful case to carry it all around in. I think there’s one layout spread post for every 10-15  purchase posts.

And then, when someone mentions Ryder Carroll, they say, “Who?”

Honestly, I know this may come off the wrong way, and it’s really not my intent to sound like a snob, at all. I promise. And let me say here that I do not know Ryder Carroll. I do not make any money mentioning his name or his product. I do not presume to speak for him in any way. I have to check and make sure I’m spelling his name correctly every time I use it. I just feel very strongly about giving credit where credit is due.

And I’m not being critical of the mods of the group at all. I’m a FB group mod and I know it’s a tough and unappreciated job. It’s just such a huge group, there’s no way to be able to worry about that kind of thing.

Bullet journaling seems to be everywhere lately, from Pinterest to Buzzfeed, so a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon, and I say welcome aboard, the more the merrier! I personally have become a bullet journaling evangelist, I love sharing my passion with everyone. So just think of this as what I would say to you if we were sitting at my house, and I was sharing my bullet journal with you.

Whenever something becomes popular, there are always companies out there that take advantage of the craze. And it’s their job to make you feel like your project is not complete without their product on it. Even worse, they try to make us feel like our life isn’t complete until we have their product. As if buying more of their things will make us happier (there’s a reason why the minimalist movement is becoming so popular!).

I said this in my very first post, and I mean it even more today (all three days later, HA! 😂). The beauty of a bullet journal is in the system, not the stuff. And, even better, it’s about how YOU use that system for YOUR life.

If that means that you put five different kinds of washi tape on your daily page, so be it, and more power to you, 👊🏻 but don’t think you HAVE to have five different kinds of washi tape to make a daily page. Don’t think it has to be a piece of art for it to be Instagram worthy or useful. That last one was specifically for me, btw.

So, if anyone is still reading this, let me offer this suggestion. Put away everything except your pen and your notebook. If you haven’t already, go to the Bullet Journal site, watch the video and browse the site.

Then, open your notebook to the last two pages and start writing why a bullet journal appeals to you. What part of that original system do you want to use? What need will it fulfill for you? Are you going to use it as a planner? An art journal? A dream book? A brain dump? A combination of all of the above and more?

After you’ve done that, then, open it back to the front and go to town. Do what makes you happy with your bullet journal. Just remember, the most important part is the words you write, not the stuff you buy. ❤️

Now, random strangers/friends/potential friends on the internet, please excuse me while I finish my Instagram-worthy doodles. 😉





3 thoughts on “My first controversial post

  1. adorkelble says:

    > Don’t think it has to be an Instagram-worthy piece of art in order for it to be useful.

    That sentiment right there is why I post some of my less than pretty pages – and why I have rules about daily pages. I need my BuJo to function – if it can occasionally be whimsical that’s good too.

    Liked by 1 person

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