17 thoughts on “How I Keep a Bullet Journal At Work

  1. Olga says:

    I just got the Fabriano dot grid notebook a couple days ago, got all excited only to find out the pages fall out 😀 but then I got really stubborn until I found a way to staple/glue it back together, and make it functional. It worked! 🙂


    • eldridgekevinm says:

      After reading several reviews of Bullet Journals, I found the Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook, A5 size, Bullet Journal by Peter Pauper Press. I have to say it is the best for Bullet Journal needs. No pages are even feeling as if they want to come out and they are very thick. Mine was 10.58 when I bought it and it has 192 dot grid pages with a pocket in the back and one ribbon, although it is listed at $11 now on Amazon. I have used it for the past two weeks and it is wonderful. I highly recommend it.


  2. Priyesh says:

    I just purchased my first Bullet Journal which I intend on using at work to help keep me organised.
    I have a question regarding meeting/project notes and an uncertainty on how to implement them into my BuJo. How are you handling those items?

    Do you use the next blank spread or do you use the back of the notebook specifically for those notes dedicating a small chunk of pages at a time, 10 pages for project A, next 10 pages for project b, regardless if you fill them or not, adding either the individual pages or chunks into your index?


  3. ms.Tapioca says:

    I like your weekly layout and will definitely try it next week! Do you have a longer master to-do list that you pull from when creating your daily to-do list? For example, you receive a request that needs to be done soon but not on a particular day. How would you note the request so you don’t forget about it? Thank you!


    • Heidi says:

      Hi ms. Tapioca, I don’t have a separate master to-do list. We use a workflow software that handles most details of my work day but anything outside of that goes on a weekly, running list in my bullet journal. If something is left undone at the end of the week, I just migrate it to the next week. I hope this answers your question!


  4. ReneShonerd says:

    I too have a seperate work BuJo. Like you, I dont use a calendar feature because of Outlook. I use it mostly for to-do lists and taking notes at meetings. I need to do a better job uisng the index. In my next work BuJo, I plan to create collections for tracking against my annual budget, my annual performance goals, and to use a future log to track annual travel and professional devlopment events.

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  5. Helen Heinig says:

    This is so helpful! Thanks for showing how you keep your bullet journals separate. I was considering making mine joined together for a new job, but keeping them separate will be less confusing. Great tips!


  6. Andrea McNair says:

    I manage accounts payable for a large restaurant group I will be using this layout to help get more organized for next year. Thanks for posting!


  7. Angela says:

    Love your simplicity. I prefer graph paper for my bullet journal as well.
    As a contractor I need to keep track of my time closely so for my dailies I keep track of what I do in 15 minute increments.
    I appreciate the ability to easily go back and review my work at the end of the day/month/year, for billing clients, and goal setting!
    Bullet journals are so simple but so customizable for specific needs.


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