Probably Obvious Tip #1


{Quite often, little tips go through my mind that are probably very obvious, and yet I still manage to make the same mistake over and over. These are so small that they don’t deserve a full blog post and I’m too impatient to wait to have several to post together.  So, I will just post these as small posts, randomly as I encounter them.}

I shared this one at the end of my 5 Tips post, but it deserves its own Probably Obvious Tip post with a little more explaination.

Whether it’s a new monthly, weekly or daily spread you might be trying out, or some kind of fancy header for a collection, use a nice mechanical pencil (so you always have a fine point to work with) to map out where you want everything to go.

It’s much easier to erase your lines or lettering when you’ve realized that you’ve counted wrong and everything is off centered, or there’s a much better chance of avoiding spelling errors in a header when you sketch it out in pencil first.

Also, be sure to pick up a good eraser so you don’t rip up your pages.  I use a kneaded eraser like this:


You can pick one up at any art supply store or in the fine art section of Michael’s, usually with the pencils. It’s soft, kind of like silly putty, and you stretch it out over and over to clean it,  so it’s also good for stress relief.  😉  It also doesn’t wear away like the pink eraser at the end of a pencil would.  If you don’t want to go the kneaded eraser route, just pick up a white eraser like you might have used back in elementary school.

My mechanical pencil and kneaded eraser are just as important to me in my bullet journaling supplies as any of the pens or rulers I use!