14 thoughts on “5 Tips for Starting a Bullet Journal

  1. elizacecilia says:

    I’m curious about the overall layout of your bullet journal! I really want to try it but am sort of lost on this aspect. So I have my future log and then a monthly log for the beginning of the month, and then a weekly log.. but I don’t want to draw out all my weekly logs for the whole month in case I need less or more space for each day. So do you just put your collection pages in between your weekly logs, like whenever you decide to start a new collection? Or do you group all of your weekly logs together and then do collections after or before? I’m sure it depends on the person but it’d be helpful to hear what you do! Thank you!


    • Heidi says:

      I keep my bullet journal very organic and only work one week at a time, adding any new collections on the very next page. Then, I’ll turn the page and do the next weekly spread. That’s the beauty of the index! If you record the page number of your collections, you never have to search for it later!


  2. Reba Ridgeway says:

    Thank you, Great information ! It helps to hear everyone
    Can be creative to design your Journaling to fit your own personality or needs. Good job!


  3. Sary Gardiner says:

    Having started my bullet journal about 3 weeks ago, I was struggling with some aspects (mainly how bad I felt about making mistakes) but this really helped. Thank you. A really helpful and reassuring post. 😀


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