Crossing off an item on my Fall Bucket List!

Last week, I posted my Autumn 2016 Essentials & To Dos on Instagram.  As the title suggests, this included both things I have to have for fall, as well as things that I realistically wanted to accomplish.  Such as putting up my fall decor BEFORE Halloween instead after.  Yikes.


So far, it’s at least given me the reminder to do something that I particularly love to do this time of year, knit.  Once the heat of summer backs off a bit, something makes me want to grab my needles and start knitting away.

This fall’s project is an oldie but a goodie: the Broad Street Mittens from  I’ve knit them before, but with worsted weight and they came out too stiff and heavy.  This time, I found the prettiest, sock-weight Merino yarn and I’m so excited to see how they turn out!  (The label on mine says “Chili” but my colors seem quite different IRL than what they show, just FYI)

Here’s just the cuff so far, but I love the colors and the self-striping yarn!  I’ll post more as I go.


Here’s to a happy {and productive} fall season!


5 thoughts on “Crossing off an item on my Fall Bucket List!

  1. thenerdybipolarmama says:

    Your Journal looks so pretty and so does your knitting! I loom knitt. I could never get the hang of knitting or crocheting.


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