Do you have a morning routine?

I think I’ve come to terms with the idea that I am a morning person.  Not the bright, cheery kind of morning person that you want to strangle, but the kind of person that really likes being awake early. The problem is that I have a hard time doing the things I know I should do in the morning, like work out.

I have tried the Miracle Morning, but I stopped after about a month.  I just didn’t feel like it was for me. I felt like I just wanted to go back to sleep after I did it, instead of getting moving and on with my day.

So, when this article was posted in the Bullet Journal Junkies FB group, I liked the similar, simple approach and decided I would try it this coming week.  I also had to make a spread in my bullet journal, of course, to keep it front and center for me.

I’ve known for a while that the morning detox tea was good to have first thing, I just haven’t ever done it on a regular basis, so I replaced the article’s suggestion with that.


I’m also switching up my weekly spread this week too:


I use the far left side for time specific events and appointments and I decided to incorporate my tracker into each day.  The squares with the letters down the middle of the left page are for my new morning routine I outlined above:  (H)ydrate, (R)eflect, (B)reathe, (M)ove, and (D)irt dive.

I keep a running “to-do” list, so with that and the fact that I have a separate bullet journal for work, I really don’t have a need for dailies. I moved the to-do list to the second page, along with the month at a glance, notes section, and a newly added blog section.  I’m still figuring out how I’m going to divide that up.

Do you have an established morning routine that works for you?  What things do you do to help you start out your day?





15 thoughts on “Do you have a morning routine?

  1. Mel says:

    Love the artwork in your journal: opening every morning to a beautiful page is like shopping for verges at an outdoor market ~ everything looks fresher and more enticing that the boxed goodies in an unadorned journal or a supermarket!


    • Heidi says:

      I actually use weekly pages in my personal bullet journal and, yes, I usually hand draw a lot of those pages. 🙂 I keep a bullet journal for work that I keep most daily notes in and there is very little drawing involved!


  2. Ashley says:

    I love the morning routine spread!!! 🙂 Found on Pinterest.

    I’m pretty sure this would help me have a better day:) Plus, I’d love waking up to this! Haha so cute!


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